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Welcome to our perfume community. Here you are going to learn some amazing tips and tricks on perfume. Whether you're trying to decide which perfume to buy, or even looking for information on how to create your own, we can help.

Here at 1 Perfume we know that some scents work great on certain people at certain times. While this may seem complicated, we have researched various scents and what they are best for. Certain fragrances are great for during the day, while others are best worn at night. While selecting from sweet, earthy, spicy or fruity may seem difficult, with the information we provide you will be able to better understand what it is you may want to try in order to get the attention you deserve.

Are you trying to impress that new boss? You'd want to go with something not too strong and over the top. Do you want something special for a first date? Something sweet and girly is typically best to get a man's attention. Or, are you looking for something for a social event like a wedding or baby shower? Since you will be up close to people a lot, you want something that isn't too strong but is still noticeable.

If you need something that lasts all day and into the night, we can help you find that. Depending on what you desire, this can be an intense scent or a fragrance that is barely noticeable. Or, do you just need something that lasts for a few hours?

With so many options out there, it can be very difficult to select the right perfume. With our personal reviews from people who know their stuff as well as information on individual products, you are going to be able to easily compare products and select the option that best fits your needs.

We want to help you get your money's worth. Too many people spend their hard earned cash on overpriced, low quality perfumes and it's time to put an end to this. Everyone deserves to feel good and look good and such things should not have to break the bank. Expensive perfume is not always better, sometimes the less expensive options turn out to be the best choice. We know it's a lot to take in, but that's what we're here for.
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Perfume Spray Bottles
Designing an attractive spray bottle should be one of the top priorities when it comes to marketing a fragrance

Perfume Atomizer Bottle
These beautiful bottles have a long history, and can be highly sought after

Perfume Decanter
Decanters can come in many different shapes and sizes, from the sleek and elegant to the fancy and ornate

Refillable Perfume Atomiser
Picking out a refillable atomiser that can provide a stylish, attractive way of storing fragrances

Hand Blown Perfume Bottles
These bottles are timeless treasures that can last forever as exquisite artworks in your home

Refillable Perfume Bottles
Refillable bottles can make life simpler, and also be a fun and exciting way of taking your fragrances with you

Britney Radiance Perfume
This beautiful fragrance is one you will remember, and it’s amazing how easy it is to come by something so wonderful

Eden Perfume By Cacharel
This classic style and scent combination makes an attractive package that has proven to be popular for many years

Noa Perfume By Cacharel
At the core of Noa, a calm and serene fragrance, is white peony and white musk

Anais Anais Perfume By Cacharel
Coming from an established range, Anais Anais delivers exactly what you would hope for

Chanel Chance Perfumes
Chanel Chance offers a long lasting fragrance that has floral notes as the base, and blended with sweet and spicy elements

Wish By Chopard Perfume
Wish by Chopard comes in several different appealing scents

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume
The DKNY Be Delicious collection is a favorite among young women, and is perfect to be worn on most occasions and also goes with every day casual wear

Green Tea Perfume By Elizabeth Arden
This innovative Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden is a very lively fragrance that is competitively priced which has made it very popular

Sunflowers Perfume By Elizabeth Arden
If there was ever a fragrance that captured the scent of summer, then Sunflowers would certainly be it

White Diamond Perfume
White Diamond was created in 1991 and remains to be one of the most popular fragrances today

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds Perfume
This is a top selling diamond for women with its timeless feminine fragrance that is a perfect pick for those that love the exotic notes

Passion Perfume By Elizabeth Taylor
Passion is a quintessential and woody oriental scent that is perfect for any modern woman

Knowing Perfume By Estee Lauder
This has a luxurious intense fragrance that projects the inner beauty all day long

Intuition Perfume By Estee Lauder
Intuition has an enchanting mix of floral scents with citrus, along with base notes of vanilla and sweeter woods

Fred Hayman Perfumes
Fred Hayman is the iconic symbol of Beverly Hills, and these fragrances are a celebration of Hollywood's glamorous culture that Hayman adored

Gucci Rush Perfumes
Gucci has once again given women another reason to rush over to a Gucci store because of their Rush fragrance

Guilty Perfume By Gucci
With the launch of Guilty, Gucci once again proved their expertise in making fragrances

Gucci Envy Perfume
For those who prefer a day scent that is fresh over a stronger night scene fragrance, then Gucci Envy is the perfect scent for them

Sublime Perfume By Jean Patou
This floral scent was launched in 1992 having been created by Jean Kerleo

Lacoste Perfumes For Women
The various choices are discussed here with the aim of providing information for those looking for the fragrance to define their own style

Laura Biagiotti Roma Perfume
Laura Biagiotti Roma is so popular as there is nothing else quite like it

Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler
Since its release in 1992, every new generation has been seduced by this extravagant fragrance

Shalimar Perfumes
The floral scents and spices incorporated in Shalimar scents make them very distinctive

Harajuku Lovers Perfume
For each individual scent in the Harajuku Lovers range, the floral side tends to be the theme

Clinique Happy Perfume
Clinique Happy has a fresh, fun, youthful scent that when worn can lighten your mood, just as it's name suggests

Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue Perfume
Once you sample Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue you will be completely hooked and question why no one managed to come up with this before

Flower By Kenzo Perfume
This scent is often referred to as tender and sensual, as it offers a fresh and delicate smell that will remind you of fresh spring buds

Abercrombie And Fitch Perfume
Abercrombie and Fitch's range of scents has successfully created a link between their iconic fashion brand and their fragrances

Versace Crystal Perfume
Whether you wear Bright Crystal or Crystal Noir they are both sensual and sultry

Incanto Perfumes
The original in this range is Incanto for Women which has a combination of floral and woody aspects, with hints of a fruity undertone

FCUK Perfumes
Created by French Connection, these have a variety of notes that offer soothing scents to all who wear it and to those that are near to them

Jessica McClintock Perfumes
These are romantic and feminine fragrance that evoke a light and airy character that can be worn at any time

Vanderbilt Perfumes
Vanderbilt fragrances will give you a smell of oriental flowers yet remain subtle and elegant

Glow By JLo Perfume
Glow was the first fragrance by actress Jennifer Lopez and has led to several other scents in the same vein

Emilio Pucci Perfume
For those who have a love of fragrances but haven’t yet managed to find their perfect scent should seriously consider Emilio Pucci

Purr By Katy Perry Perfume
Purr is a light and fruity, and has notes of apple and peach that are extremely pleasant

Tocca Perfume
If you are looking for something vintage and mysterious, then there is a range of Tocca that might suit

Ellen Tracy Perfumes
If you are looking for a subtle fragrance that represents beauty and class then the range that Ellen Tracy offers is definitely something to consider

Bijan Perfumes
These offer a very unique scent that come in beautifully crafted bottles which have to be seen to be believed

Clive Christian Perfumes
These fragrances tend to be classic with a twist by joining fruits, citrus and flowers to create a unique scent

YSL Opium Perfume
Yves Saint Laurent Opium has an enduring popularity and has gained an almost iconic status

Champs Elysee Perfume
Flowery fragrances may not be anything new, yet what makes this scent so unique is its almond wood, mimosa leaves and blackcurrant, which makes for a wonderful combination for just about anything you've got planned

Eclat Perfume
It has a deliciously soft and youthful scent that is coupled with a hint of sophistication that will have everyone taking notice

Sensi Perfume By Armani
This combines the Italian elegance of Armani along with oriental notes to create an alluring scent

Love And Luck Perfume
Love And Luck is a sensational scent that has hints from a wide range of ingredients that have been artistically combined

Quelques Fleur Perfume
Quelques Fleur has a wonderful fragrance, with a long history, which is perfect for any elegant evening

Zen Shiseido Perfume
Zen Shiseido is a light affair that adds soothing and relaxing tones to its fruity notes

Molinard Perfumes
With its decades of experience in developing scents and combining ingredients for the most attractive results, there is little doubt that Molinard is a company that has a well deserved reputation

Boudoir Perfume By Vivienne Westwood
For when you feel like getting noticed, this stunning fragrance will make you feel like a million dollars

Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume
You will enjoy a nice gust of pear when first sprayed, which will then continue its transformation into sweet bloomy notes

Adrienne Vittadini Perfumes
Ladies that own an Adrienne Vittanidi fragrance can enjoy the essence of perfection

Insolence Perfume By Guerlain
Insolence is a floral and fruity offering that offers a lot to the modern woman who is looking for a contemporary and beautiful scent

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Perfume
This fragrance has the perfect undertones to make it the preferred scent to be worn on evening occasions

Boyfriend Perfume By Kate Walsh
Kate Welsh has created both a male and female fragrance, which is something that not many people have been able to get right

Cartier Perfumes For Women
Cartier scents range from the fantastic, new aromas that will not be found anywhere else, to your more traditional fragrances yet with an extra flair

Pink Sugar Perfume By Aquolina
Sweetness and femininity suggested by the Pink Sugar name is delivered in this fragrance, which is light and lively

Eternity For Men Perfume
Eternity For Men is a modern classic that has a clean-smelling scent and offers the characters that many men will be looking for

Unforgivable Perfume By Sean John
Sean John, also known as Puff Daddy, has produced a famous scent that promises a seductive experience

Kenneth Cole Perfume For Women
This fragrance starts out with distinct elements that are truly oriental which are balanced out by top notes of cinnamon and mandarin

KL Perfume By Karl Lagerfeld
This captivating scent range is known for its subtle oriental character that possesses a seamless blend of spicy floral notes

Rosewood Perfume By Banana Republic
This is ideal for every day use, with the hints of champagne and bergamot that make it a popular scent

Orange Blossom Perfumes
Orange blossom tends to have a floral and sugary scent, which can be easily soluble with other extracts

Solid Perfume Rings
These solid rings are one of the top picks for many women who would like to project their own personal style

Perfume Making Kits
By making your own, you can wear an individual scent that can rival the top brands

Designer Perfume Oils
By using designer oils, women can enjoy the benefits of branded concentrated fragrances at only a fraction of the price

Vanilla Scented Perfumes
There are many choices when it comes to vanilla, with some are pure vanilla fragrances and others with vanilla mixed in

Rose Scented Perfume
Here are some tips and hints on making your own rose scented fragrance

Perfume With Pheromone
There are many choices when it comes to pheromone, and you should consider these choices when selecting one

Prada Perfume For Men
Labeled as Amber Pour Homme, this is a humble scent making it ideal for everyday use

First Perfume By Van Cleef & Arpels
After several decades in existence, this luxurious scent still remains as one of the top favorites in elegance and luxury

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